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Soy Ireny Sharkawy y soy de Egipto (Egypt) pero en la clase de español me llamo Irene. Irene es de Griego (Greek) y significa paz (peace). I am Ireny Sharkawy, a 17 years old high school student attending Wake Early College of Health and Science. I born in Egypt and when I was about 13 years old, I moved with my family to the United States of America. My parents named me Ireny after a Coptic word that is mentioned during the Coptic Orthodox liturgy, which means peace. As I am searching my name, I found that Ireny is a “derived from Old Greek origins” and it is “diminutive of the name Irene” (Baby Names Pedia). For the Spanish 111/181 class, I chose my Spanish name to be Irene, as it is similar to my original name Ireny, as well as it has the…show more content…
I am trying my best to keep up with all my classes and to get out of all of them with new information and high grade. In order to success in Spanish 111/181 class, I will spend about two hours outside class for every hour send in class, as well as I will keep an agenda for all the homework and assignments dues to do not forget any. There is a homework assignments and preparation that I have to do before each class; this allows me to create a schedule to when to study and do homework. For example, I will spend an hour each day after school preparing for next class, doing any homework, and studying. To learn the Spanish language, I will need to practice speaking and listening to Spanish, so I will try to contact with some of Hispanic friends using Spanish, as well as, listening to Spanish songs and try to understand them. This might be challenging, as I have others classes that requires me a lot of time to study, such as Biology, English and Math. Yet, I will create an agenda of when things are due for each class, and I will try to keep up with all of them. For instance, I will stay longer time in the library doing work and studying, also I will seek help from the ILC and FLC as
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