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Abstract—This paper is focused on providing a novel method for measuring the performance of Software Project (SP) managers. It clarifies the fundamental concepts of Software Project Management (SPM), SPM knowledge areas, SP life cycle phases, and performance metrics and indicators. It presents some examples of SPM activities related to knowledge areas and some examples of common performance metrics. The researcher extracts an enhanced list of performance metrics using a questionnaire that is passed to 60 experts and specialists in the field of SPs. Their responses are collected and filtered to reach to the effective performance metrics and the importance degree of each one. The researcher adapts Goal Question Metrics (GQM) method to include…show more content…
In this paper, the researcher focuses on the project management competencies which include the IT practices. The researcher doesn’t focus on the industry and/or business competencies because they differ from one project to another. Also, the researcher doesn’t focus on the general management competencies because they are basic knowledge and skills required for any project manager. Each project management competency and its IT ramifications will be explained as a specific SPM knowledge…show more content…
For example, project schedule management includes the following activities:
• Defining project activities.
• Sequencing project activities.
• Estimating the project.
• Developing project schedule.
• Managing project schedule.

Project life cycle consists of four phases [15, 16]: project initiation, project planning, project execution, and project closure. Figure (2) illustrates the project life cycle [33]. There is a feedback between each two phases. Through planning the project, the project manager may discover that the project background is not consistent with the reality. In this case, the project manager must redefine the project background. So, there is a feedback between initiating the project and planning the project. Each phase includes a set of activities to achieve it.

Fig 2: Project life cycle [33]
The performance of project managers can be easily measured for a specific SPM knowledge area because each area includes a set of activities and skills related to a specific SPM competency. Therefore, this is the main focus of the novel measuring method in the paper.
B. SPM Performace Metrics and
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