Sp2750 Unit 1 Assignment

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1. My academic advisor is Jessica Duhon. Nope, she wouldn’t be working with me until I graduate. It’s depends on case by case. Yes, I do know where her office is; it’s in JSAC 2227. I did meet her once for to add courses in first week. I plan to make an appointment with her again to find my major and about the courses soon. Her role is to help the students for the course registration, academic planning, and major interests/declaration. 2. Jessica Duhon will able to help me with declaring my major and guiding me to choose the courses or any courses-related questions I have. She can help me to find my interests or get me in some kind of programs but not now. I can receive the plenty of resourceful information from her. 3. The Academic Advising…show more content…
Sociology, Communication Studies, or Criminal Justice is what I’m considering for my major. I want to become journalist, writer, and jobs in advertising. I also don’t mind to have jobs that are related to Law Enforcement like being a Crime Scene Investigator or Correctional Officer. With Sociology degree, I could have both but I don’t want to decide right now because it’s a big decision to make so I will just pick the variety courses to see what fits me the best. 5. All I could think is about wasting my major. I’m afraid that it will wasted my time when I decided to do something different and off point from my original major. How can I overcome this? I have to try for several courses that is related to more than one major. This should able to help me pick my major. Honestly, I don’t know what I want to be in the future but for sure I know I want to be happy so I don’t care how much I’m getting paid as long I’m still getting paid. 6. My big question is that I want to ask my academic advisor, how can I graduate in four years? I want to discuss about 4 year plan with Jessica Duhon, because many students tend to graduated with Bachelor’s Degree from 5 years like my older
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