Sp2750 Unit 4

Good Essays
Words 1-50
1. When I passed 8th grade, I received adulation from my parents.
2. I have adversity in my life, especially when I don 't have internet.
3. I have an amicable relationship with my parents.
4. I have to be assiduous to be the captain of the basketball team.
5. Some Syrian refugees were promised to have a safe asylum.
6. If I were clairvoyant, I could pass tests very easily.
7. The family compromised on where to go for dinner.
8. We had to collaborate to finish the poster.
9. I wore a red t shirt like everyone else to be a conformist.
10. Sitting on the couch all day everyday is deleterious to my health.
11. Some people take divergent paths from what they thought when they were little kids.
12.The Political Candidate is a demagogue
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My science grade was sustainable.
27. My life is static; nothing that is interesting ever happens in it.
28.The teacher was generalizing the topic.
29. I made incremental progress toward cleaning my room.
30. I am working hard now so I can retire and live the latter part of my life on the beach.
31. When the student got a B- on the test he was filled with rancor; he studied really hard for that test
32. Once in awhile everyone wants to be a recluse without any human being.
33.there was no hope of reconciliation with our neighbor
34.The new renovation that is happening the traffic is blocked
35.When the girls fought with each other they were restrained from the school for 15 days
36. The old man past sagacity to his children
37. To win elections, politicians often make spurious promises to voters.
38. IN Geometry you have to you must substantiate your answer with provable facts.
39. When looking two shades of red, I saw only a subtle in the colors
41.Throwing a surprise birthday party was a surreptitious thing to do!
42. Unfortunately, my brother seems to have only a transient interest in studying.
43. While my apology doesn’t vindicate my actions, it may help to provide some comfort for the people who were harmed by
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