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Should humans continue developing space exploration technologies despite high costs?

Tilekbergen Abishev

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Introduction More than 50 years have passed since the beginning of the space age. In today's world, space exploration is a controversial topic and humankind faces the important decisions about the further implementation of space exploration, because billions of dollars are spent annually for the developing of space technologies. Until now, the space exploration technologies have evolved significantly. At present, there are many private and public companies which are engaged in the realization of space missions. Most people support the idea of space
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Dr. Crawford had a 15-year career at University of London as an observational astronomer specializing in studies of the Interstellar Medium. In 2003, he switched his research interests to the planetary science. Dr. Ian A. Crawford has Bachelor of Science degree in Astronomy at University College London, Master of Science degree in Geophysics and Planetary Physics at University of Newcastle, Ph.D. in Astrophysics at University College London. In terms of credibility of the source, Dr. Crawford is the author of over 130 peer-reviewed research papers in the areas of planetary science, space exploration, astronomy and astrobiology. This article presents the economic benefits that can be brought by the space exploration such as space tourism, extraction of resources on the Moon and asteroids. Author of this paper argues that utilization of extraterrestrial resources will significantly reduce the costs for space missions, because the studies prove that the key elements which are used for the rocket fuel can be found on the asteroids. Also, humanity can benefit from the space-based economy. Mining of the asteroids and the planets in the Solar System will solve the problem of scarcity of resources on Earth. This source can be used in the project to show that the further development of space technologies will allow humanity to benefit from space

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