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Space Exploration On Tuesday, Feb. 6th, SpaceX launched their new Flacon Heavy rocket. This extraordinary achievement is a huge step in humanities future in space. Flacon Heavy is now the largest rocket, capable of carrying payloads up to 140,000 lbs. This means man kind will not only be able to reach Mars faster, but will also be able to bring more equipment and more men to Mars. Many believe that man are destroying this planet and this is the only way to ensure our survival, but other think differently. With an astronomically high price, people believe that this is just a waste of money, and that it can be spent else where to improve our quality of life. Nevertheless, space exploration gives us the possibility to answer sciences greatest…show more content…
SpaceX’s new rocket, Falcon Heavy, had a price of over 90 million dollars. With a world in disarray, people wonder why we are spending 90 million dollars on a rocket when we can be spending this money on improving our environment and fixing our planet before we completely destroy it. In 2005, NASA budget was over 16 billion dollars. Thats a lot of money, and there are a lot of things that we can do with that money. However, the question is not if Earth will become inhabitable, it’s when it will become inhabitable. Humans will eventually have to venture out into space, and we need to do it now instead of waiting until it is too late. Plus, some of the discoveries made in space can help save our planet, like a discovery of a plentiful source of ununpentium. There is also the fear of finding extra terrestrial life, and bringing it back to earth. Not necessarily alien like creatures that will invade earth, but like bacteria or viruses that can be detrimental to human life. Although this is possible, it is extremely unlike. Space programs go through many steps in order to decontaminate astranaughts and there ships. Is the low risk of bringing home a virus really worth not being able to make new discoveries, find new sources of energy, or even finding a new

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