Space Exploration Persuasive Essay

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When most people are children, they dream of one day being an astronaut and going to the moon, but for this generation, it is likely that will not happen. It has been 53 years since NASA has sent anyone to the moon, which goes all the way back to the first trip to the moon. Although space exploration may be promising, it should not be funded by Americans since it costs and excessive amount of money, and science is not progressing fast enough to continue investing in space exploration.
The first reason why Americans should discontinue their financial support for space exploration is because people forfeit a lot of money. In Source D, it costed George Whitefield, CEO of Virgin Galactic, more than $200 million dollars to develop his space module,
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As it states in source B, we are fifty years into the space age, and yet space travel is just as expensive as it has always been. A lot of people anticipated that by now, scientists would have considered some kind of way to mend that complication. Again, it states in source B that one of the leading missions of NASA should have been to cut the cost of space travel. For example, they should not have spent half a billion on each space shuttle mission, but diverted some funds to make research and development their primary focus. Also, this illustrates the reality that NASA is not even utilizing the money they get wisely or efficiently, and that is one of the main causes science is not advancing: NASA not using their money sensibly. Others may insist that science will advance at some point, and that people just need to be tolerant. But is it worth the millions of dollars for something that likely will not happen? A lot of people would oppose.
Even though space exploration has a lot of hopeful attributes, it is undeserving of being funded by the American people for the price of space exploration is too much money, and because science is not progressing at all at this point. It is unjust that NASA is getting away with stealing from people, and it is about time that this form of stealing should be
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