Space Exploration Research Paper

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With its inception in 1958, the National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA), a U.S. space agency successfully fulfilled the American dream of reaching for the stars. Due to the creation of this renowned institute, we have seen tremendous developments in science and technology that have benefited society in multiple ways. However, the funding of space research has drawn a lot of attention. “Should the U.S. government invest more taxes in space exploration or should it be cut down?” is the question that many are asking today. Critics argue that space exploration is simply a waste of money and that it should be used to solve problems here on earth. On the other hand, supporters say that the government should increase the funds for space…show more content…
The article shows us how space exploration has changed our lives and how different industries benefit from it. Industries such as telecommunications, medicine, transportation and social security have all seen developments as a result of space research. Likewise, in “Mankind beyond earth: The history, science, and future of human space exploration,” Claude Piantadosi, professor and director of the F. G Hall Environmental Laboratory at Duke University, discusses the need to rejuvenate space research. In the book, he describes space as being the final frontier. The author also highlights the salient features of space exploration by presenting arguments on how it has been useful so far and its future benefits. Furthermore, Piantadosi states that national funding of space programs is of primary importance and that the United States government must prioritize it. Piantadosi concludes his book by recommending ways to fulfill these goals and yet again states that space exploration is the need of the hour. These two sources will be very useful in supporting my claims as to how space exploration projects have helped us so far and how humanity will continue to gain from it in the distant…show more content…
The article “The Budgetary Implications Of NASA's Current Plans For Space Exploration” published in Journal of Magnetohydrodynamics and Plasma Research is a report that shows President Bush’s “Vision for U.S. Space Exploration” and budgetary analysis of this vision. This report contains information about the problems caused if funds for space programs are cut down and the different sectors that are at risk. It also provides necessary statistics, analysis and a timeline showing all the programs that could be affected as a result of this budget
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