Space In Outer Space Essay

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A number of satellites and space objects have been launched into the outer space until now. There is possibility of collision between two objects and also interference between signals transmitted by different objects. There is need of co-ordination between all the satellite-operators to eliminate these possibilities. As once after launching into the outer space, the satellites run on their own with certain fixed orbital speed using gravitational pull of earth, moon and other planets as centripetal force for rotation, there is nothing much about rotating path and speed which can be controlled by operators. Therefore, the main problem is to find an empty slot or parking space in outer space from where desired activities can be carried
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Of all these organs, Plenipotentiary committee is the supreme organ. It has delegate of all member nations as member of the committee. It has power to revise and amend ITU convention. Another important organ of the ITU is administrative radio conferences which is essentially World/Regional Administrative Radio Conferences (WARC/ RARC) in case of satellite communication. It has function and responsibility to form and amend radio regulations i.e. basically to allot frequency band for different type of modes of radio communications and satellite services. For example, if ITU has allotted 1610-1626.5 MHz frequency-band for mobile satellite services, national administrations or ITU itself cannot authorise any other type of service to operate in this frequency band. Private mobile companies or satellite operator through their national government often tries to propose amendment in radio regulations as per their requirements. ITU communicates only with party-states; private players need to get allotment for them of their desired orbital slots and associated frequencies through their national governmental bodies. Finally, another important organ of the ITU is International Frequency Registration Board (IFRB). It consists of 5 members from member nations who are selected by Plenipotentiary Committee. It has responsibility of maintaining Master International Frequency Register (MIFR) in which satellite information, orbital position and frequency is registered after successful

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