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Space Jam... the well known comedy/drama and one of my personal favorite movies of all time that includes one of the greatest basketball players also known to many as one of the greatest athletes in the world of today and the world of yesterday, Michael Jordan, and one of the most iconic symbols in the cartoon world, Bugs Bunny as they embark on a wild mission only the Looney Tunes are capable of getting into.

Jordan, fresh off his third ring with the Chicago Bulls, decides to go out on a limb and play the game of baseball, his childhood ambition, trying to become “the next Babe Ruth” but in the game of baseball, well let’s just say it’s not for everyone and Michael soon found that out the hard way as he showed up on the scene of the plate and instantly strikes out even after the catcher behind him, a huge fan of Michael and his work, tells him exactly what to do. Michael, however, thinks he’s trying to get to him so he doesn’t listen to what he says, leading to a very quick and easy strikeout for the other team, sending Michael straight to his team’s
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Well it shouldn’t be too bad, they were like 3 feet they thought as they continued practice. They were in for a rude awakening though, as they enlisted the help of several NBA legends and sucked all of their “powers” on the court, rendering them useless as they had stolen all of their talent, planted it into themselves and instantly transformed into the “Monstars” the evil giants that can know rule the court with ease. The Monstars approached Bugs and the gang as they were practicing, showing them they basically needed a whole new strategy, or maybe enlist a new player, a player that hadn’t had their skill sucked out.. Michael Jordan, so Bugs and Daffy Duck, his companion, take off to Mike’s world to persuade him to
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