Similarities Between Space Odyssey And Interstellar

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light at the end of the tunnel that is surrounded by darkness he also creates suspense. The audience is dying to see what the meaning of the light is. Space Odyssey and Interstellar use the negative space differently. Both films show scenes in which spaceships are traveling through the universe. The spacecrafts appear small compared to the black universe. In Space Odyssey the earth is sometimes visible when we see the spaceships and space station. This is a further element for comparing size. In Interstellar the Black hole is seen behind the Endurance which makes it appear even smaller. Both films offer elements that allow us to compare the size of the spaceships. Both films create an atmosphere that symbolizes how petty and tiny mankind is…show more content…
This epiphany takes place in a certain room. David is inside a white living room where he dies and in is reborn. Louise is also inside a white room and talks to Costello. Cooper is inside a fifth dimensional space that looks like a library. Every of these rooms symbolize enlightenment; the characters receive a specific knowledge that helps them to advance. The rebirth-symbolic is very strong in Space Odyssey; David’s new body is that of a baby. Arrival shows less strong symbolic. Concerning Interstellar there is hardly a visual element symbolizing rebirth but resurrection. In the end of the film the Tesseract collapses and Cooper wakes up in a hospital in Cooper Station . Several decades had passed and Cooper - a presumed dead man – had returned home. Therefore this awakening resembles a…show more content…
The shortest length has Arrival with a running time of 117 minutes. Space Odyssey has a running time of 143 minutes, and Interstellar is the longest of the three with a running time of 162 minutes. Although Interstellar has a longer running time than Space Odyssey Kubrick’s film seems longer. This is caused by its protracted scenes (that often have no dialogue). Kubrick tries to build up tension by taking time. Sometimes these scenes might appear too long but they convey meaning, for instance, the Star Gate sequence. However these meanings are not easy to understand because he gives little (or no) hints. On the other hand Nolan presents different themes concisely. He provides the audience with enough information but certainly does not reveal the plot twist too soon. Arrival has the fastest pace of the three films. Villeneuve does not rush through the story but comes to the point relatively quickly (after showing the aliens). A slightly slower pace would not have reduced the film’s

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