Space Race Vs Sputnik

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The Space Race all started on October 4th 1957 the Soviet Union launched a satellite named “Sputnik” this frightened the americans in a way because ,they thought that if the Soviet Union could launch a satellite into space they could easily launch a nuclear bomb that could very well harm their country. On Nov 3. the Russians launched another satellite that they called “Sputnik 2” it was bigger and more technologically advanced ,but the major difference between “Sputnik” and “Sputnik 2” was that “Sputnik 2” was carrying a dog “Laika”. “Laika” helped us prove that humans are able to withstand space exploration. This sparked a campaign that we called the “Space Race” eager to not fall too far behind the U.S. launched a satellite of their own on Jan 31. called the “Explorer 1” this satellite then put the…show more content…
So on NASA started working on the spacecraft “Apollo 11” this aircraft costed 25 billion dollars to build. Then on Dec 7. NASA announces the Gemini Program, which was NASA’s second human spaceflight program. Then on February 20. John Glenn Orbited the earth 3 times in a row, then when he returned home NASA observed him to see if everything was okay with him ,and everything was okay so they packed his bags and sent him back home. On Sep 12 President Kennedy gave a speech at Rice University stating the importance of the Moon

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