Essay On The Morality Of Space Exploration

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Introduction Since the beginning of mankind until very recently, humans have remained on Earth and mostly remained on land or above the surface, let alone space. It was only within the recent years that the invention of manned flight and rocket ships that allowed for the exploration of space; space organisations have sent people to the Moon, space probes and rovers to different areas of the universe, and advanced telescopes which bring the remote edges of the universe into our view. For the past years, space exploration has provided humans with benefits and awareness of our surroundings, but there has been controversy about the priority of space travel and the moral imperative of space. This essay will discuss the debate of whether space exploration…show more content…
It is evident that the concept of space travel has its moral values, as it allows for the development and growth of the human species: the establishment of humanity’s value also presents itself with a responsibility to maximise our growth in numbers, but to also reproduce to, theoretically, our full potential. On the other hand, environmentalists like Leopold argue that it is unethical to uproot from Earth after causing damage to it. However, the arguments in support are not to say that the goals to work towards global peace and environmental health are irrational; such goals are important, but should be perceived more as a universal concept, but to also sustain the world to a degree which would allow for humans to work toward the exploration and colonisation of outer space. Providing the possibility that we have already reached our full potential on Earth, or the will to avoid mass extinction sooner or later, regardless, humanity will have to require a commitment to extra-Earth explorations; with effective pre-planning, the damages can be minimised. Inevitably, the idea of space exploration will always be a rational step to take towards development, but for now its morals and ethics are still

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