Speech On Space And Exchange

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In order to start my presentation about the notion Spaces and Exchanges, I will first define the notion of exchange. It represents exchanges of ideas, communication, emerging powers, entanglement of the world economy, which are in constant evolution. Previously, the United-States of America were the only superpower in the world, but with the emergence of the USSR which was a country ran by the communist idealogy, it became quite difficult to secure their hegemony. Indeed at the end of the World War 2, the world became bipolar, only revolving around these two superpowers. Consequently, we may wonder how have the relations between the United-States government and communist people evolved on the American soil and abroad during and after the …show more content…

Actually, he was accused of being a communist because he maintained his British citizenship, and dared to cancel a scheduled appearance at the HUAC since he didn 't wanted to submit to the Red Scare, it was his own way to protest. Moreover he played in the movie “Limelight” which was immediately banned for 20 years in America. After his world premiere in Europe he has troubles getting back in America struggling to have a re-entry permit for the US. However, he was considered as real “true capitalist” by his producer. Movie stars weren 't the only target of the McCarthy 's policy. Indeed, actually everybody was a suspect, agents were justifying their suspicions in finding proofs in the suspect 's past. As it can be seen in Douglas Kennedy 's book The Pursuit of Hapiness in 2002. A TV comedy writer, named Eric, was accused of being a communist just because he had belonged 10 years ago to a Communist Party. The agents are being aggressive towards him as he was interviewed. There is not a real exchange as the agent is being told what he wants to hear. Moreover, Eric is helped by his colleagues to answer the “right way” which is the one that would please the agent and hopefully get him out of trouble. Secondly, all of this mistrust and defiance as led among American citizens and the rest of the world a real terror of living a sort of World War …show more content…

In this song exchanges consisted in threats of using the mass destruction weapons. Whereas spaces were almost erased since he used instrumental which sounds Russian, added to English lyrics. It underlines the possiblity of coexistence and peace between the two countries. This Red Scare is also shown in Levine 's novel, The Paper Cowboy, a young boy called Eddie is supsecting having a communist in his neighbourhood. They fear the presumed communist because they were taught to be wary towards them since they were rise in an era of fear. So him accompanied by his friend, are going to search him and maybe contribute to arrest him, like they do when they play indians and cowboys. Communists are search all over the United-States and it contributes to be suspicious toward everybody, even your own neighbours because everybody is a suspect, (it restrained exchanges.) Finally, presidents of the United-States of America have had an important role to play in international exchanges in regards, particularly to

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