Spain Empire Vs Spanish Empire

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Introduction Spain is one of today 's great culture creators, the language is spoken by more than about 570 million People in the world and is the second largest mother tongue in the world after Mandarin ... Spain lies on the Iberian Peninsula, with over 46 million inhabitants and stretching over 492,000 km2. But the Spanish empire was many times bigger and stretched across almost the whole globe, Europe, Africa, America and Asia. The Spanish empire has made its mark on the Iberian Peninsula, large parts of South and Central America, the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean. And several islands in the Atlantic Ocean This essay will discuss the Spanish empire and the history of Spain that led to such an event. Also what happened to the Spanish empire during the the empire climax and what happened to the em-pire after? At the same time this essay will compare how the British empire spend their gold in com-parison to the Spanish empire. What did the Spanish empire do with all the treasures and tons of gold that they got from their conquers in the Americas. The main point in this essay will be “ to what extend did the economical influence of empire in Spain differ from the British experience” The aim of this question is to analyze both empires and compare them to each other, comparing how they spent the gold that they got from their conquers around the world. … Background history One of the first global empires was the Spanish one. In the 16nth century Spain reached

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