Imperialism In Spain

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Introduction Spain is one of today 's great culture creators, the language is spoken by more than about 570 million People in the world and is the second largest mother tongue in the world after Mandarin ... Spain lies on the Iberian Peninsula, with over 46 million inhabitants and stretching over 492,000 km2. But the Spanish empire was many times bigger and stretched across almost the whole globe, Europe, Africa, America and Asia. The Spanish empire has made its mark on the Iberian Peninsula, large parts of South and Central America, the Philippines in the Pacific Ocean. And several islands in the Atlantic Ocean This essay will discuss the Spanish empire and the history of Spain that led to such an event. Also what happened to the Spanish…show more content…
You can 't eat it, you can 't wear it, and you can 't forge it into good weapons, build durable houses, or decent ships out of it. The vast importation of gold and silver actually devalued those metals in the European economy at the time. As previously mentioned, Spain was embroiled in a number of very costly, long-term wars. Initially, Spanish ar-mies were very advanced both in technology and tactics, but over time, their adversaries passed them by and began to defeat them. Spain lost its other European possessions and the vast sums spent sustaining those wars was…show more content…
I chose this topic because I find it really interesting and because I already had some knowledge about it beforehand. To kick start the process of writing this essay, I have used many sources to gain knowledge. Re-searching for example in books, websites, articles, essays and even a series. When doing desk research, I found a lot of sites to which I had to be critical when selecting the information, considering the point of view from which it was written, the origin of the source and its reliability- as they could be biased. While putting the pieces of information together for this essay, I also wanted to add different as-pects when comparing, moreover what I did to make the mini EE interesting was to write interesting facts about the topic, something that the reader might not know. I also tried to visualize my arguments by using graphs and images to help the reader easily under-stand my points. As the quote says: a picture is worth 1000
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