Spain's Victimization During The Age Of Exploration

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As Europe recovered from the Black Death, it brought upon itself the Age of Exploration. The Age of Exploration was a time of globalization which was inspired by multiple factors. The outbreak of European exploration and conquest during the Age of Exploration was caused by Europe’s fascination with wealth, glory, and service to god. During the Age of Exploration, one main reason for a European man to participate in the exploration and conquest of the New World would be to grow in their riches. European nations during this time were experiencing economic revival due to trade and resources from the New World. Men would go overseas in hopes of finding new land that would bring them great wealth. Spain focuses on this newly discovered territory as a source of gold, providing an example of how countries would use the New World as a source of wealth. Columbus, being sent by Spain, reported back the opportunities that he saw for gold to be extracted from the land he explored in North America. This demonstrated the way gold and other riches inspired Europeans to explore and conquer the New World. Spain’s lust for gold is also shared with countries such as…show more content…
we protest that the death and losses which shall result from this are your fault.” This excerpt provides enough information to claim that conquerors of the New World had been motivated to serve their God when they began their voyages. The inspiration to add new members to the church combined with motivation from glory and wealth make up the mindset of the European voyager participating in the Age of Exploration. Overall, wealth, glory, and service to God can be accounted for when talking about the causes of the Age of Exploration. These common factors of the Age of Exploration, often referred to as “Gold, Glory, and God”, inspired European explorers that began an era of globalization that laid the foundation for the modern world we know of
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