Spandex Research Paper

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Spandex, knee pads, and shoes are three key parts to getting ready for a game or practice. Without them, life is questionable. Volleyball girls probably have more spandex than we should, but there 's no shame because a girl could never have too many pairs of spandex. When it comes to knee pads, sometimes the only option is to get new ones. Then there is shoes. Every girl, no matter if they play volleyball or not, loves shoes! Shopping for volleyball shoes is serious work. Going shopping consists of all the sporting good stores. It 's a constant cycle of Omega, Dick 's, Danham 's, Finish Line, Nike, Under Armour, and so many more. Don 't get me wrong, we 're still girly and we love buying cute clothes, but new spandex is WAY better! However, there 's always a few things to remember about these few things:…show more content…
Volleyball girls know the love-hate relationship with spandex. They 're going to give you wedgies. It is what it is. It 's just what they do. It 's unavoidable. Of course after a couple experiences of dealing with this, digging out wedgies becomes a second nature. Before you know it, pulling them down after every play to save your butt from hanging out, is a regular thing.bcad67d0b3604508e34ebe27f68cd557 Shopping for spandex isn 't as easy as it may seem. Every girl has that one pair that they should 've never bought. It 's like something possessed your mind when you were picking them out. There 's nothing good about them. They 're the pair you have in the very back of your dresser because you can 't bare the thought of throwing them away, but you forbid to wear them too. Everntually a unbreakable relationship is built. One that 'll never be broken. Without spandex, life just wouldn 't be the same! Okay maybe that 's a little extreme, but there 's a point that you love spandex so much they begin to become a everyday thing. If a dress or skirt is a little to short, add spandex. Boom,
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