Spanish American War: Causes And Effects Of The Spanish American War

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Spanish American War There are many causes and effects of the Spanish American War, While there were many causes and effects of the war, Manifest destiny occurred during the 1800’s and was to control the natives and to obtain resources. There were four motives that helped the U.S. lead into the rebellion. These motives were political and economic, Human, and Social Darwinism. The pros of doing this are that the United states would get more money, more resources, bigger army, and more power, but the cons are that the United States could have a conflict with European countries, being disloyal to the government, and this could happen to us. We also took out Japan for trading ,Alaska for resources, Samoa for land, Hawaii to overthrow the queen,…show more content…
In 1868 the Cubans began an uprising that was put down ten years later, The Cubans rose back up again in 1895 to rebel against the Spanish. They had rebelled to become independent, but Spain began a policy of reconcentration. They also ended up killing about 200,000 Cubans and the Spanish goes to war with the U.S.. but then the U.S. got involved and many Americans were sympathetic to the Cuban rebels. They called on the U.S. government to intervene to oust the Spanish. They also wanted to safeguard American investments in Cuba. While there was rebellion in Cuba there were also more events that led up to the…show more content…
McKinley gave into the public pressure, on April 11, 1898 he asked the congress to declare war on Spain so the congress did so,It made them want to go to war. The first war was not fought in Cuba, After the USS Maine blew up Roosevelt saw the prospect of the war growing.envintaly he war shifted to Cuba which got Spain involved with the war the effects caused One of the best units was the Rough Riders that was lead by Roosevelt, he had given up his navy post to join the war, Roosevelt helped lead his men in a successful charge up San Juan Hill, that became the most celebrated event of the war, but The 24,000 Spanish Soldiers at Santiago surrendered two weeks later after being trapped by the U.S..After all these events had helped to lead up to the war it all did come to an
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