Spanish American War Dbq

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The Spanish American War was a big step towards American War power and influenced foreign countries greatly with trade, naval power, and territory. The Era of the Spanish - American contributed to the advancement in trade for the United States. After the Hay-Pauncefote treaty with Britain was abolished, the U.S. was free to build a canal in Latin America with their help. The canal was set to be built in Panama, this canal was to benefit America to create ports free from tax in this country. This was granted when the Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty of 1903 gave rights over a 51 mile long and 10 mile wide Canal Zone to protect the U.S. With these rights American manufacturing exporting companies without any tariffs for the citizens of the States. America was intensively looking for raw materials and markets for the increasing numbers of both agriculture and industrial products. People constantly…show more content…
Even though, during war the United States rather argued it’s nobleness in world matters, protecting Cubans and Filipinos from Spaniards. An exemplar of this is America issuing the Teller Amendment; which declared that Americans had no interest in taking political control in Cuba. But, later the Teller Amendment was proved wrong by the Platt Amendment, which stated that; Cuba would never sign a treaty with foreign power, impairing it’s independence, let America maintain independence and order in the country, and the United States maintain Guantanamo Bay a permanent base. Therefore, the U.S. controlling Cuba’s policies.The Filipinos as well are another exemplar of it, during the Spanish-American war they were offered independence but, later on were taken as United States territory until, the Filipino Revolution led to independence. Even in, European countries during this era, the “Scramble for Africa” where the Europeans were fighting for leadership in African
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