Spanish Civil War: The Spanish American War

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The Spanish American War The Spanish-American war was fought between the Spanish and the Cubans for approximately three months in 1898. The war began when Spain controlled Cuba and promised the Cubans a better government. But these promises were never carried out. The Cubans soon lost patience. So they led a rebellion but they were subdued by the Spanish army. In addition to being subdued, the Spanish governor, General Wyler, huddled all the old women, men, and children and put them into a seaboard town. They were given no food or money, and because of this they died by thousands. American people sent relief but little could be done. But secretly the Cubans used American ports to carry arms and supplies to keep some people alive. The Spanish governor tried to stop the Americans from helping the Cubans but the Americans had too much sympathy for the Cubans. On January 5, 1898, the American ship the Maine was anchored in Havana Harbor. On February 15, she was destroyed by an explosion. People claimed that the Maine was destroyed by a mine, a Spanish ship. In the explosion, the bottom of the boat was torn and it killed 260 officers and men on board. The Court of Inquiry was communicated to the Spanish Government for a hope of…show more content…
On the trip the Americans feared that they might be attacked by Spaniards while passing the West Indies, but thankfully none were found. The ship reached Florida in splendid condition. Meanwhile, at Santiago Harbor the Americans were trying to get in but could not because Santiago Harbor has a narrow entrance and the channel was filled with Spanish ships. So Lieutenant Hobson was ordered to take his ship the Merrimac and sink it to block the entrance. But he timed the sinking at the wrong time and was captured by Spanish fleet instead. The Spanish admiral was so impressed by Hobbs bravery from sinking his own ship that he released him and his six brave
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