Spanish Colonies Vs New England Colonies

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Differences Between the Spanish and the New England colonies in the New World. New Spain was controlled by spain, and covered from the bottom of South America to what is now the Southern United States. New England was a collection of a few different English colonies and took up what is the modern day Northeast United States. Even though the Spanish and English colonies were colonies of powerful European countries, the colonies developed very differently. The Spanish colonies and the New England colonies were significantly different in the their roles of religion, economic bases, and their treatment of indigenous people. The roles of religion were very different in the Spanish colonies from the New England colonies because of their differing…show more content…
The Spanish colonies and the New England colonies were different in the resources the colonies collected in order to achieve economic success. The main source of economic gain in Central and South America was gold and silver because there was a plentiful amount of the resources in the Americas. As time went on and the gold and silver resources depleted, the Spanish turned to sugar plantations, which are large scale farms. New England made their money by trading away raw materials, such as timber, furs, and textiles like wool and cotton. Later New England made a large portion of their money from fishing. Overall, New England had a very diversified economy. New England drew wealth from a number of different sources, unlike the Spanish colonies. The New Spain and New England colonies also differed in how the colonies acquired the resources that lead to their economic success. The Spanish colonies acquired gold and cash crops mostly by using Native American labor and African Slavery. The Spanish colonies took advantage of native labor in the encomienda and missions systems. The encomienda system worked by selling a piece of land to a Spanish settler, and the natives on that land had to work for the owner by giving gold or other goods to the landowner. The natives were then repaid in instruction…show more content…
The Spanish colonies and New England colonies were different in how the Spanish and English initially treated the Native Americans. Whenever the Spanish settlers encountered the Native Americans, the Spanish “enslaved” the native people under the mission system, or the encomienda system, where a man bought a certain amount of land, and what natives were on the land had to work for the owner of the land, in exchange for religious salvation and protection. The New England colonies often had pretty good relationships with their native neighbors in the beginning when the colonists needed the Indians to survive. When the pilgrims arrived to the New World the pilgrims were horribly under prepared and only half of the 103 initial pilgrims survived the first winter. The only reason the pilgrims survived was because the neighboring Indians helped the pilgrims grow food and they were able to survive the next winter, this relationship eventually lead to the first Thanksgiving. In addition to differences in how the Spanish, and New England colonies initially treated the indigenous populations, the colonies were also quite different in how their relations with the native people ended. Relationships between the Spanish and Indians often ended, either by European hands or
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