Spanish Colonization In Texas Essay

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Name: Emad Siddiki

Spanish Colonization in Texas
Darkness filled the night sky. They were coming. Their footsteps sounded like someone pounding on a drum. The Indians had arrived. In 1519 the spanish came to texas homping for gold. They thought They would had A better life But they Almost failed. The spannish were hoping they could spread their religion by establishing missions which are religious settlements where they were going to covert the natives. The Fransciscan Friars running these missions would change the indions into Chriztians. Near the missions their were presidios were the soldies lived. Soon The people saw these strange looking cows which they would later realize are buffalo. You may think that they were living perfect lives but There were horrible. The king wanted them out of texasa so he made the rubi report suggesting that they move out of Texas. Why did texas fail as a texas colony?
The Spanish needed native Americans to thrive. They would be a tremondius help and they would help scare off the french. Then the natives would help fight along them. Their eas one problem. They had
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These tribes came and attacked the spanish telling them to go away. The comanches and apaches were the main killers. How were supposed to sustain there life if a bunch of rambunxios natives came and tried to storm the place they lived. They lived in fear that the natives would attavk them at all times. In document D it states that in Mid-may of 1776 “500 apaches raid ranches in San ANtonio and La Bahia.” This shows that their were indian attacks that killed many of the spanish. It was a great number compared ti the amount of spanish people in the missions. The natives not only killed the spanish but according to document d it states on Sugust 24, 1776, A “San ANtonio mission Indian killed By APaches” This shows that the Indians were ready to drive them out and hurt the people who had betrayed
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