Spanish Colonization Thesis

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Sydney Cooper Professor Seekatz History 017A 21 February 2018 FEEDBACK REQUESTED: Spanish Colonization and Its Lack of Progress Father Luis Jayme’s critique of the Spanish Soldiers Behavior, written in 1772, accentuates the little success Spanish colonization had made due to the maltreatment and lack of trust between the Spanish soldiers and the Natives, along with faultiness in religious customs. The relationship between the Spanish settlers and the Native Indians was brutal and unstable. The Spanish desired the California land and saw it to be ideal to try and colonize, but in order to do so, they had to overcome and intervene with the daily life of the Native Indians whom already called this territory home. Instead of trying to create a positive relationship with the Natives, the Spanish went in and demanded for what they wanted. The soldiers were cruel to the Natives, and used rape and obstruction of their land in doing so. “As for the example to be set by the soldiers...many of them deserved to be hanged on account of...seizing and raping the women,” (Jayme 59). Father Luis Jayme highlighted the fact that the Spanish soldiers went in and began raping the women for the sake of it. Instead of using other measures, the Spanish immediately began taking advantage of the Native women and raped them within every encounter they had. The soldiers did not stop at one tribe, they instead continued on and carried these actions out to several other tribes (Jayme 59). Since
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