Spanish Conquest And The Conquistadors

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In Spain, the royalty and the venturesome citizens had something in common; a desire for gold and power. The conquistadors of the Spanish Conquest obliterated ancient Native American nations in The Americas using weapons, strategies, and other occurrences. Whilst the goals of the Spaniards may not have been remarkably vicious, they ended up completely leveling progressive nations and spoiling decades or more of advancements in everything from mathematics to philosophy. My research has brought upon three topics: the goals of the Spanish Conquest, the stories of the Native American empires, and the destruction of said empires.
As has been noted, the Spanish conquistadors wanted gold and exorbitant commodities. They did not conquer far lands to learn about their culture, religion, or advancements, but for their own greed. Another improvement they would boast was not only new items and products to trade, but untried trading ports and routes and new territory to trade and acquire even more materials. Spain also wanted more and more land. They wanted to secure more territory than Portugal and to demonstrate their superiority through their fief. At the time, Spain was also very religiously driven and wanted to convert as many people as possible to Catholicism. Although all of these intentions seem more or less moral, it ended in millions of deaths, one of, if not the largest slave trade in all of history, and also forced millions of people under the rule of barbaric, greed soiled
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