Spanish Conquistadors Defeat The Incas: Summary

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Take Notes on Important or Interesting ideas from the video. mestizo is emerging from ethnicity and from ancestors The concepts of identity and ethnicity has completely changed when the old and new world has completely collided The culture of native americans were not driven with natural machines but were driven by the natural environment The impact of americas and europe was the cochineal insect that was used to make red dye. Yet in europe it was rated below silver and gold The selling of the new world has made impact to other european nations The genetic engineering of the grass was the most widely used items in corn was teosinte The relationship with corn was an impact from the old world and the new world More corn is harvested than any other crop…show more content…
Spanish Conquistadors Defeat the Aztecs and Incas: 1519–1537 Global Events Article Take Notes on Important or Interesting ideas from the text. Within the 15 century the new world was discovered by the europeans The spaniards have funded expeditions on achieving their main goal gathering resources The population of tenochtitlan had over 20,000 people and had ran a complex societies. They also had better architecture in tenochtitlan and aztec When the spaniards have approached montezuma they were greeted but then he was held hostage and was killed The conflict of the inca, aztec and the europeans have had battles and technology advances. Some were betrayed other effects on the empires had to sacrifice some for others Once the european conquest happened the native people were under the control of the monarch and were considered second class citizen Spain had taken initiative of conquering the lands that some natives have left behind. Helping spain become a world power Some of the traditions that the spaniards have brought like christianity have impacted ancient traditions Spaniards have launched funded expeditions for gathering natural

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