Spanish Conquistadors Movement

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The Movement of People Between 1508 and 1697, the Spanish Conquistadors took over many of the Central and South American tribes, often destroying many of the great cities that had previously housed these clans (Alchin, 2015). These Spanish either killed the natives or put them as slaves (Darlington et al, 2012). The majority of these slaves were working in the gold mines, which meant working 108 hours a week in terrible conditions (Darlington et al, 2012). Some of these slaves died from the punishments that they would receive from the Conquistadors, whereas others would die from European diseases such as smallpox (Darlington el at, 2012). This caused a requirement for new slaves. The Spanish Conquistadors found the replacements in the Africans,…show more content…
The Americans, resenting the lack of colonists in parliament, regularly made protests to the British government about receiving the same rights as normal British citizens ( N.A, 2009). Various disputes ensued, until a group of delegates including George Washington, met in 1774 to raise their complaints about the British crown. This “congress” did not go as far as demanding independence, but it condemned the taxation that the colonists had no say in. Less than a year later, on April 19th, the first shots of the American Revolution were fired ( N.A, 2009). As a result of this, America achieved independence and lost Britain a precious colony where it could send its…show more content…
Those people moved to the city, where yet again they found themselves out of employment due to the Industrial Revolution making things more efficient. With no other method to support themselves, the farmers turned to crime to make a living. Although there were over 200 crimes that were punishable by death, including impersonating an Egyptian (Convict Creations N.A, N.D), many of those were not carried out, instead the criminals being banished to America. As a result of this, when the British lost the U.S. as a dumping ground for malefactors, the prisons began overflowing, and eventually even the hulks, a decommissioned war ship began running out of space. When the British were in desperate need of a colony where it could send its prisoners, Captain Cook found fertile land and foreign plants on the east coast of Terra Australis Incognito in 1770 (ADB N.A, 1966). From this, the British authorities decided to take the Great Southern Land for their own, both for strategic position against their enemies and to dump their

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