Spanish Honor Society Essay Examples

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I want to be part of the SHS board of officers because not only do I take pride and jubilance from my spanish heritage and background, but I work arduously to be a salient member of anything I am a part of. I want to learn from others and gain more responsibility to ensure me a more auspicious future. I believe that by being in such an honorable society and as an officer, I can impact my peers as well as gain knowledge from others and their different cultures. As a current member of the Spanish Honor Society, I have already left a mark, by being published in the March edition of Albricias for a drawing. There have been a myriad of instances where I have displayed my leadership qualities. In the end of my seventh grade year I got recommended by my teachers to be a part of the National Youth Leaders Conference in Washington D.C..During that conference I learned how to exhibit my gifts and talents and collaborate with other leaders.…show more content…
I make a very good team member to work with and always try to do the best of my abilities in any group I am a part of. Commitment to me is defined as being one hundred percent devoted. Commitment involves being punctual, determined, and being a leader. I would be committed to the Spanish Honor Society by being responsible, organized, and having respect for others. I think that by being responsible, well organized, respectful, and punctual, I can achieve my goals for this society. The Spanish Honor Society can benefit me by carving a new path of responsibility that can help me have a more propitious future. I feel that it is paramount to respect my peers and my leaders. Respect is something that I value a lot and always have. I have always had respect towards my fellow classmates and the leaders that try to teach me new things. Through respecting others and my leaders, I think that it will augment our relationships so we can work together and make an
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