Spanish Immigration Case Study

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1. The statement is made: “Few cities have been changed by immigration as much as Miami”. Discuss how the Cuban Immigration had an impact on Miami. Give examples.
The United States welcomed Cuban Immigrants with open arms. The freedom flights brought approximately 200,000 Cubans to Miami. The population in Miami increased greatly by the housing of Cubans. During this process, the whites moved away from the cities, which gave the Cubans the ability to migrate into the cities. When the Immigrants arrived, they began to work. So many of the Cuban individuals journey to the United States for freedom, and they developed their own town called “Little Havana”. 2. Downtown Miami became known as “Little Havana”. Discuss the factors that helped
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In 1990 the immigration act tried to increases the amount of immigrants from non-Hispanic countries who have specific skills: ability to speak and write in English, work skills, and other specialized skills. Both the act of 1986 and 1990 were about giving immigrants the right to become citizens: Hispanic and non-Hispanic. 5. What was the outcome of immigration on California? Discuss the Los Angeles riots as well as political influences due to Hispanic immigration.
Almost half of the approximately two billion people Hispanic and non-Hispanic moved to California. To open up the eyes of California, the Los Angeles riots began when four Los Angeles police officers had brutally beaten Rodney King. Blacks Individuals started the riots then the Latinos finished them, they demolished stores, and violation of curfew. Also, many politics focused on getting an “Army” to guard the boarder because they say, “Enough is enough!” 6. Discuss a few major “fears” as it relates to the Hispanic
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