Spanish Influence In The New World

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Spanish influence in the New World was very prevalent before the arrival of English settlers. Soon, after a few failures to colonize, success was finally had due to a number of factors: The Protestant Reformation, the defeat of the Spanish Armada, and the economical changes in England. In the 1500’s religion played a big role in England and Spain’s relationship, more specifically their dedication to the Roman Catholic Church. They also bonded over the marriage of Henry VIII of England and Catherine of Aragon.
The relationship between the English and the Indians seemed to begin positively. The Indians were helpful to the English, teaching them to farm, thus helping them survive the harsh winters. The Indians had certain expectations for the English because they had experienced Spanish explorers in the 1500s. However,
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The Indians didn’t want their land to be developed any more. Tribes tried to unite against the European’s, but this ultimately failed and the Indians were sold into servitude.

The Glorious Revolution occurred in England in 1688, when Mary and William of Orange took the throne from James II. The Glorious Revolution has an enormous and undeniable impact on the colonies in North America, especially the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Although not expected, the Glorious Revolution was more than welcomed by almost all the colonists. It got ride of one monarch and was the first time the crown welcomed a pair of rulers. It had a large base of support, and promised several constitutional reforms.

During the development of the colonies, the English had a policy called “salutary neglect”. It was good for England, because the colonies were kept with them during the English Civil War, which kept them from revolting and costing Britain extra revenue. However, the colonists also benefited because they were allowed to develop self-government, as well as have their tax burden
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