Spanish Music Affecting Latino Youth Culture

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The author Elisa Sahagun can be considered an authoritative source for my topic because she has written an article that explains ways the music genre of Rock en Espanol has influenced the cultural identity of Latino youth culture in the U.S. Her article can be creditable because it is an academic peer-reviewed article from Saint Mary’s College of California. The article analyzes data that was acquired from a study that examine a correlation between Rock en Espanol and the cultural identity of Latino youth. A main point made is that the genre of music has assisted in Latinos to maintain Spanish-speaking skills and brought them closer to their culture (Sahagun 1). One reason being that we are drawn to music and it has lead it to be a vital part of shaping individuals’ identities.…show more content…
“to find a medium that reflects both backgrounds in one’s identity” (Sahagun 1). Therefore, listening to music can help maintain that balance and shape people’s identity. Furthermore, there is an explanation of music taste and the significance of music leading to the feeling of home and aware of one’s feelings and thoughts. This work does affect my thinking because it allows me to answer partially my topic question of Spanish music affecting people’s development of self-identity. Although it does not specifically answer my full question, I believe it answers that Spanish music makes an identity to be form in the youth (college students) and it deals with one’s culture and identity in a particular setting. I will use this in my paper by using it as evidence when I explain that Spanish-language music affects the development of self-identity in a university setting where they are uncommon. It can help student balance their cultures and shape their

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