Spanish Reflective Essay

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This semester in Spanish 3, we needed to make a video which had to be in English and Spanish. It could be about music, culture, history or etc. of any Spanish location. My partner and I decided to make our video about the tribal group, Zapotea. Our video was a Stop Motion Video, which takes a lot of time and we decided to list facts about the group and what led to their population to decrease. This assignment addresses Interpersonal Skills because it was a partner project and it took a lot of team work. It took some time and effort to collaborate with one another and get the assignment done on time. We needed to decide who would do what parts, who would edit the video, what time could we make the video, and what supplies could we provide to the video. I am proud of this assignment because all of our handwork paid off and the video turned out fabulous. Plus, although it was a lot of work, we enjoyed it and added our own style to it. I improved on my 21st Century Skill with this assignment by…show more content…
So this project was another thing to add to our list. It was hard to find a time we would both be available. Also, what parts could we do to add to the project. To be honest I wouldn 't do any changes or do anything differently. Though, if I could change one thing, I wish I hadn 't put so much time in editing. It would have saved a lot of time and how I originally had the video was good enough. This relates to what I 've learned in the past by that team work always works. If your work together it 'll make the assignment a lot easier and a lot better. This is quite true since I enjoyed the assignment and the results were outstanding. This relates to future learning by that I will continue to have group projects. If I want my projects to be more successful I need to be stern and make my team members work on their parts. This will not only benefit me, but it 'll benefit the rest of my team
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