Spanish Settlers Dbq Essay

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When the new world was discovered, everyone wanted the land. Settlers crossed the Atlantic for different reasons, these reasons were why they settled. Their government took different approaches to their colonizing efforts. France and Spain had dictatorial kings whose rule was absolute, and the English came from England. The different reasons they came are, sources of colonial population, economic, and relations with the Native Americans.

The first reason settlers came to America was due to the population. In fact, the Spanish people tried to mix their “blood” with other cultures. Document A states that, “The Spanish had about seventeen different mixed offsprings that was reported within 1521-1800s.” The Spanish did this due to the Caste
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In Document G it quoted, “Now they cleared grounds in all their villages that shall be inhibited by us.” The English were very selfish to the Indians, and basically wanted all of their land. On the other hand, the Spanish had great respect for the Native Americans. In Document H it says,”We command that from all those persons who hold Indians without the proper title, having had possession with them by their own authority, such as Indians be taken away and placed under our Royal Crown.” This shows that the Spaniards cared greatly for the Native Americans. In addition, the French and Native Americans are allies. In Document I it said, “The French wanted to establish firm, long-lasting trading allies and so they spoke the Native language.

In conclusion, America was the New World, and the settlers crossed the Atlantic for a better future. The French, English, and Spanish all crossed for the reasons, sources of colonial population, economic, and relations with the Native Americans. The significance of the English, French ,and Spanish explorers’ arrival to America is because it eventually lead to the establishment of the colonies. The colonies mostly English, lead to the start of America. If the explorers had not gone to America, it [America] would not be the country it is
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