Spanish Viceroyalties In The New World In 1570

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Events shape the world and the people that live within it. They can cause improvements in the quality of life that people have, harm people, and either help create alliances or throw them off balance. However, occurrences are not evenly distributed throughout time. Thus, some years have a more significant and lasting impact than others. One of these years is 1570. During 1570, crucial events happened all over the globe within and between the five regions of the world. By this time, the Reformation had begun, the New World had been discovered, and the African slave trade had been established. These prior achievements allowed the people alive in 1570 to interact more with people in other locations, therefore gaining new ideas and wealth. In 1570, the world was becoming more and more connected globally through empires, trade, religion, and colonies.…show more content…
By 1570, the main country that conquered land in the New World was Spain (“Introduction to the Spanish Viceroyalties”). Spain established two viceroyalties in the New World before 1570: the Viceroyalty of New Spain and the Viceroyalty of Peru (“Introduction to the Spanish Viceroyalties”). The Viceroyalty of New Spain was established first and was located in the central and southern parts of the modern-day United States, all of modern-day Mexico, and the Philippines (“Viceroyalty of New Spain”). The Viceroyalty of Peru was not founded until eight years later and was located in South America (“Viceroyalty of Peru”). These two viceroyalties helped Spain become connected to the New
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