Spanish Vs Aztec War

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The conflict and defeat of the Aztecs was not avoidable because the Spanish were looking for gold and land, and would have eventually come into contact with the Aztecs no matter who found the land of Tenochtitlan first. Since the Aztecs had everything the Spaniards wanted, it was likely that a battle between the two was bound to happen. In war the Spanish had a large advantage because of their weapons and battle gear. If the Aztecs came into contact with the Spanish, they were likely to die because of the disease the Spaniards carried with them. Also, a lot of enemies were created against the Aztecs because of the human sacrifices they had to make in order to nourish their gods.

Weather or not the Spanish had found the land of tenochtitlan
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Even though this was apart of their culture they still made these enemies because a lot of the people they were sacrificing were apart of different cultures, and groups. This gave them a lot of rival cultures to have to face, and look out for during their time. Considering the weapons the Aztecs had, if the Spaniards were to attack the Aztecs, they could easily have had success because of the amount of enemies the Aztecs created, and the amount of allies the Spanish got because of that. Another thing that caused the Aztecs to have to claim defeat against the Spaniards was their values. If they had not welcomed the Spanish onto their land, a lot could have been…show more content…
If war were to break out between them, the Spanish held the upper hand because of all their gear and weaponry. Another advantage that the spanish held was the amount of enemies the Aztecs had due to their human sacrifice ritual, which gave them more allies to take down the Aztecs with. Even if a battle did not occur between the Spanish and the Aztecs when the Spanish and Aztec peoples collided a disease would spread among the Aztecs, causing them to die because it was a disease they had never been exposed
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