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As the number is falling, from 1980 there were 45 states who accepted teachers to spank, in 2004, only 22 states still allowed this rule in schools. As from as we all know, history can be traced back to middle ages till the 19th century of when corporal punishment has been stated. In the United States, all states should have corporal punishment legal in public and non-public schools.
Children believe that it’s okay for them to act up and misbehave in schools. Kids think they can get away with anything and they shouldn’t be able to think that way. Most parents don’t like administrative or any kind of adults to spank their kids because they believe no one but themselves should spank or discipline their child. As of November 8, 2016, Julie Crandall …show more content…

As of the others seventy-two percent don’t believe in spanking at all.
Corporal punishment are rules to help keep their punishment reliable and in line with school policy that are expected out of students. Children need to be put into place because I have seen many examples of where teachers get very frustrated with students because of back talking, no respect, no manners, etc. Teachers, helpers, anyone who works in the school don’t know what to do anymore because bribery doesn’t work, goals sheets don’t work, taking away recess does not faze them anymore. More discipline in schools is what we need back in every state. Teachers join this profession for a reason, they are wanting to make a difference in these kids’ lives. Instructors want to have a voice but with help of others. Teachers are getting overwhelmed because parents, communities, and co-workers. I’ve seen with my eyes that teachers want to help others but don’t know how, everything that they have tried does not work anymore. Children need more discipline at home and at school so they know they can’t get away with being be bad. Instructor’s try over and over again to do the best they can. In between classes they …show more content…

A child craves the attention of a loved one to see what they are achieving in life. From the Today 's website, Amy McCready who is the founder of Positive Parenting Solutions writes, “In the child’s mind, she thinks, “if I cling or whine, that’s a great way to get their attention.” The toddler really wants positive attention and emotional connection from mom and dad, but will use negative attention-seeking behaviors to achieve her goal (McCready). This is why children act up because they think they can get the attention that they want that way but in reality, it’s not the correct way to do so. Corporal punishment can get out of hand, where is comes down to beating the child to the point the child injuries need to go the hospital. According to McCready, she has stated that the strategy everyone should use is the five R’s. Respectful- making a better choice, related to the misbehavior- kids need to learn for the future, reasonable in duration based on the child’s age, revealed in advance- for the kids to make a choice between the appropriate behavior and the consequence, and repeated back to you- to ensure that the child is perfectly clear on what’s expected and the consequence for not following your rule, ask to repeat back to you what you are wanting them to

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