Spanking: A Rhetorical Analysis

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Spanking has been used for years to show kids right from wrong. Over the years, studies have been conducted to see the true harms and effects of what spanking really does to a child. There are two articles for spanking written by Matt Walsh and Robert Larzelere, and one article against spanking written by Murray Straus. Larzelere, Straus, and Walsh argue whether parents should spank their children as a form of punishment by using credibility, logos, and pathos. Introducing the first article is a blog by Matt Walsh, who claims to be “a blogger, writer, speaker, and professional sayer of truth”. He writes about all different kinds of topics such as politics, abortion, and Christians, usually published on The Blaze but this one is posted on The Matt Walsh Blog called “Spanking is a disciplinary measure, not child abuse. Get a grip, people”. The…show more content…
Larzelere uses research that has been conducted so far just proves the fact that the child was spanked as punishment and not whether the parent did it appropriately. He compares this to radiation treatments being given, ignoring dosage, and types of cancer. Cancer is obviously a topic that can pull almost any bodies heart strings. Another example he uses is the fact that many people who do not support spanking say that spanking causes the child to be more aggressive. He states that this may be true, but it could happen with any disciplinary action saying “people who received radiation treatment last year are more likely to have cancer-related problems this year than all of us who did not need radiation treatments last year”. (Larzelere). Larzelere is saying cancer patients that need radiation treatments may still have cancer the next year just as kids who need discipline may still need it for a while whether the parents spank their child or use another kind of
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