Spanking Is Good For Children Essay

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If families do not have some form of discipline inside of their household things would begin to get out of control and become chaotic. So some parents choose to use spankings as a form of discipline. I think that spanking is necessary in raising children. In my household spanking was enforced for my siblings and I when we were younger, it was to teach us what’s right from wrong. Spanking is a disciplinary action where children can learn from it. Many oppose spanking as a form of discipline because psychologists, therapist, counselors plus many others have researched the behavioral, psychological and emotional effects. Some have found that it can lead to depression, delinquency etc. I do not think that spankings cause negative affects because of studies and personal experience. Certain circumstance in the household along with spanking may lead to negative outcomes. Many studies have been conducted by doctors for numerous years. The doctors have developed a study to conduct if spanking affects children negatively or positively. There was a study done by Gunnoe and Mariner in…show more content…
Spanking is good for the mind because it teaches children. The author also states that a study shows that people who are spanked perform better at school and is most likely to want to college than their peers who had never been physically disciplined. Also stated in the article, research lack much info because it was difficult to find subjects who had never been spanked. In the study that was conducted it shows that results that others do not show because it involved 2600 individuals that never been spanked. It was difficult in more traditional time to find subjects. Also other studies have been conducted that support this that spanking is good for child’s
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