Spanking Persuasive Essay

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As one of the children from around the world that was once a victim of spanking and as a science major and hopefully a future doctor, I must say that I am torn on the topic of spanking. My research has led me to different opinions on spanking, it has taught me the good use of spanking in child’s discipline which many adults have tried to convince me of several times. My research also showed me how spanking can lead to the destruction of a child by damaging a child’s brain and making them prone to mental diseases and lowering their intelligence and memory. It also showed me how spanking can lead to physical abuse and bad behaviors. Combined with personal experience, my research made me see that not all spanking is necessarily bad for children. The use of instruments during spanking should…show more content…
They are signed of physical abuse, which ought to be taught to be wrong to children in order to reduce the risk of them growing up thinking that violence is a sign of love. However, spanking a child once or twice because they did something bad or placed themselves in a bad situation can help so that the child doesn’t put themselves in the same situations which can save their lives and teach them to be good individuals. In Haiti, spanking often works because people teach their children the reason why they are spanked and in what situation spanking is allowed as well as. There’s a thin line between spanking for discipline and abusing children and laws should be placed to prevent people from crossing that line and causing serious harm to a child. For example: Once I was hit by a nun at school and she used an instrument that left a huge scar on my hand. I thought that it was normal since I was young, however, my mother was quick to show the nun that what she did was wrong and that it was physical abuse, and it was not a simple discipline
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