Spargos In The Victorian Knight

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Chapter One: Traitors

This world is shallow, I’ve been in it for 20 years and not once have I been intrigued by anything it has to offer. Being a noble didn’t spoil me, I am aware of everything that surrounds me because that is the only reason why I survived. The Visilios family which I’m from, sadly not Royalty; we are known for our assistance in the great war that took place a hundred years back where my great, great grandfather, Vendini Visilios, had helped the now Royal family, the Spargos’. Vendini helped establish the kingdom of Rados alongside his best friend, known as the Revolutionary Darius Spargos, who led the revolution that put me in this place today.

I wondered what life would be like as royalty. A King. An absolute
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as well as command an army. I was taught by the late ‘Maynard the Green Bull’ they called him. He was one of the eight great Victorian Knight’s. They called him Green Bull because the armor he wore was a dark shade of green and he was a giant. He would fling enemies like dirt. Truly a remarkable knight.

As I mentioned a Victorian Knight, meaning they were as elite as they could get, but only eight can hold the title. If you had one of them in your arsenal, that Victorian Knight would be seen as a great threat alone to intimidate enemy forces. They can take out up to a hundred men if needed before they could tire. I need a knight as such, Yes, I will need a Victorian Knight in my arsenal.

The money would not be an issue as knights are all about honor. Now let's see how I can corrupt a unique knight into joining my forces. Everyone has a desire for themselves because man in itself is a greedy creature; I would just appeal to their thoughts rather than mine since that's what makes a man
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You see …” he took his small pauses again, “ My lord, I am a ‘Seer’. I have reason to believe that you and I are destined to meet.” Obert proclaimed.

I pause in my step surprised. A ‘Seer’ is someone who can see into the future, usually a meister before they start to have these visions. By these judgments, he must be a very wise man. But I must prove that he is what he says. Seers are rare and if he is what he says, then he will be a powerful pawn in my future. This almost gets me excited. “Say, Obert, prove to me that you are Seer,” I tell him.

“Why of course my lord, let me see what I can tell you.” He looks at me with narrowed eyes. But he wasn’t looking at what I look like, I felt as if he was looking past my blue eyes right into my soul. Even before he spoke a word, I was already believing him. “Yes, you’re a man who seeks something. You want a formidable fighter to add to your valuable collection, do you not?” Obert spouted out. He was right. He was correct about me finding a fighter. No one could know I was looking for a knight, not even a meister from the library where I had received my list of names of such fighter. Obert wasn’t a common name around the capital of Rados where I live in, Xisa. I have not seen him from that library. His alibi suited him for being a
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