Personal Insight Questions

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UC Personal Insight Questions

1.Describe an example of your leadership experience in which your have positively influenced resolve disputes or contributed to group efforts over time?

I was in 8th grade, my first year on the basketball team. After many rigorous practices, we had our first game, it was a loss, losing by maybe twenty points. This would happen every game, it was looking like we weren’t going to win any games all season. One mid afternoon day, it all changed. My team and I were all in our uniforms on the court ready to start off our game against Anderson Valley. The game begins and we have a rough start, we are down eight by the quarter. I told myself that I don’t want this game to be like all the others, a complete
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I went from geometry straight to Pre Calculus skipping Algebra II. I knew coming into this class that it would be unbelievable hard. Every person in my class that signed up to skip a year of math had a personal talk with the teacher who told us that he does not recommend anyone to skip any year of a subject, especially math. To take Pre Calculus as a Junior we were required to take Math Tutorial, a class that was solely devoted to helping us with the difficult math. I knew I wanted to take this class, I have been particularly good up until now at math and I believed I had the skill and knowledge to take and pass this…show more content…
One of these items was a broken computer, I had no clue how to diagnose or even begin to fix this. With a little help from the teacher, I took the lid of the computer box and took a look inside. I plugged the computer in and saw it was not getting any power. I assumed that the issue was the power supply since the cord was in fair condition. I took out the power supply and replaced it with a working power supply that was in a different unused computer. Although the power supplies were the same, there was a missing input. I had to get out the soldering iron and solder a new cable with the correct sized input. After I finished soldering the cables together, I turned it on and saw that the harddrive was not properly connected, so I fixed the loose plug and tried to turn it on again, it worked. The feeling I felt when I saw it work was indescribable, I have just fixed such a complex machine, I felt empowered. Apparently, this computer was being used at the mcn building right next to the school, it had important documents on the computer, they were so thankful for me fixing this computer. They donated to me $40 for fixing the computer for
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