Sparrow Film Analysis

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Film Soundtrack Review: Sparrow (2008) Sparrow is a Hong Kong film that was released in June 2008. It is directed by Johnnie To and scored by Xavier Jamaux. To is known for his stark Hong Kong thrillers, however, Sparrow, which took three years to produce, reflects a more light-hearted image than his preceding films. The story follows a gang of pickpockets, leader Kei (Simon Yam) and his colleagues Bo, Sak and Mac played by Gordon Lam, Wing-Cheong Law and Kenneth Chung respectively. The group dominates the streets of Hong Kong, precisely executing their actions thanks to their expertise in the craft. Instead of being portrayed as dirty thieves, the characters radiate charisma, their confidence and witty behavior undoubtedly attracts audience’s attention. Their daily game all comes to a halt when they encounter the beautiful Chin-Lei Chung (Kelly Lin), who turns the game on them. Initially, they seek her out for revenge; but learn she needs help to escape the control of a rival pickpocket group. Even though Chung blindly manipulated them, they agree to help set her free of Mr. Fu, the rich businessman and leader of the rivals. Function of Music in Historical, Cultural and Social Context To made it known that this film was a very personal project, “This film represents my own feelings towards Hong Kong.” Its sentimental and charming nature was successfully illustrated through the cinematic music. Historical… In the ‘Opening Scene’ from 0:00:49-0:01:45 the Chinese

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