Sparta And Athens Compare And Contrast

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There are numerous civilizations that came across the different lands in the world and each played a distinctive role and had its own rules and laws. Geography played a critical role in shaping civilizations, and this is particularly true of ancient Greek. The two rivals of ancient Greece were close together on a map but far apart in what they valued and how they lived their lives. Sparta and Athens had similar forms of government; both city states were in part governed by elected assemblies. However, the top rulers of Athens were elected, while Sparta 's were not. Spartans were most warriors while Athens were more educated and into arts, history, science… Athens and Sparta obtained the right to participate in public life and make decisions…show more content…
Various boards of officials also existed to make administrative decisions; members of these were usually taken from each of the ten traditional tribes. public positions were dominated by the wealthier citizens because positions of power needed to have and do financial layout to fund municipal projects such as ship building and festivals. Sparta had two kings coming from separate royal families and the most important state officials were the five ephors that used to hold office for only one year and they had power over most areas of civic life and they could appoint and check on all the other public officials. And then there were the council of 9* elders called the Gerousia. Military commanders also held public office in some city-states as In Athens, there was a board of ten elected generals, called “ Strategoi” who could influence the agenda of the assembly. The Athenian form of electing a government was called Limited Democracy while the Spartan form was called oligarchy" but it had elements of monarchy, democracy and aristocracy. Sparta has had two rulers in recent times, who ruled until they died. There was many similarities and differences between the 2

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