Sparta Vs Athens Essay

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Hailey Cassidy History Period F 3/30/16 Athens vs. Sparta Ancient Greece, located on the Mediterranean Sea was home to the two most powerful city-states of its time, Athens and Sparta. Athens was situated on the Attic Peninsula along the Mediterranean Sea and was most known for its cultural perspective such as drama, architecture, literature, and music. One of Athens’ most enduring achievements was the creation of democracy which allowed all male citizens to have a say in government. Not only was this a great achievement, but Athens was also educated their citizens and thrived during the Golden Age. Sparta, located on the Peloponnesian peninsula had a main focus on military power and success and there was little room for culture. The men in…show more content…
The main goal was to produce citizens who were trained in the arts and in war. Philosophers such as Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato taught the youth of Athens and convinced the people to think logistically, through teaching methods such as the Socratic Method where the teacher questioned the student, which eventually led to a reasonable answer. Furthermore, according to Pericles “There is a difference in our educational systems. The Spartans, from their earliest boyhood, are submitted into the most laborious training in courage; we pass our lives without all these restrictions, and yet are just as ready to face the same dangers as they are.” This is very true, in Sparta they spent little time educating the young men and women, but focusing mostly on gymnastics and brutal military exercises where they were taught strength and hardship. “War songs were their only music, and their literary education was light.” (Source 1) Additionally, literature such as the Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer taught young men about the heroic ideal and striving for arête, which means determination for excellence. Education benefitted the people, because it allowed them to be successful in art and war, and it also created unification in terms of all classes having at least a basic education. In addition it helped to create a strong economy and
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