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Sparta and Athens were two stunning examples of ancient civilizations. Yet the question that many people have tried to determine is which Greek city-state developed a better model of civilization? Sparta was the best example of an ancient Greek civilization. Sparta’s long history of having a powerful army, and intimidating war tactics helped build it build a strong foundation to grow upon. Yet most people overlook Sparta’s other robust features that lead to it being superior to Athens. These characteristics made Sparta and it’s people stronger, and allowed them to become the thriving civilization we know today. Sparta was a superior model of civilization to Athens because of its strong army, the rights it gave to women, and the fact that it was self-sufficient. Sparta’s structured and beautifully crafted civilization was partily due to their extremely…show more content…
Women had very important roles in Sparta’s civilization. They were not only the head of the household while their men were away at war, they could also own their own property and shops. Women weren’t allowed to fight in the army, but they were trained to be physically fit. This was because in Sparta they believed that strong women would bear strong sons (Guilford, 2014). So women exercised often and did gymnastics to stay in shape. While men were away at war the woman was the head of the household and was in charge of keeping everything running smoothly. With all the Spartan men and boys training to fight in the military, women were the majority of people left at home. So in Sparta women were allowed to own property, have farms, and own shops. In Athens if a woman was wealthy enough they might have received schooling but other wise they didn’t have the same ability to do things like women in Sparta. Women’s connection and role in Sparta’s civilization lead to it having a stronger society that was an overall better place for women and men to live

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