Ancient Sparta Military Tactics

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Ancient Sparta has often been referred to as one of the most dominant military forces in history. During Sparta’s time of dominance, Spartan forces employed tactics of intimidation and sovereignty. Spartan soldiers dedicated their lives to training and preparing for battle, enabling them to create a fierce, dominant military. Sparta used their military for both protection and conquering, maintaining a stable economy and civilization. The Spartan military was able to dominate for so long because of superior military tactics, extensive training and discipline and advanced weaponry and armor, and intimidation and help from the gods. While the Spartan’s military tactics were not extremely uncommon, the Spartans practiced and perfected the tactics much more than opposing militaries. One tactic often deployed by the Spartan military was the Phalanx formation. This was a rectangular formation, holding heavily armed infantry men on the inside. Soldiers held shields up to cover protect themselves and allies, and through holes and cracks in the wall of shields long…show more content…
Training began before birth as the strongest men and the strongest women bred and the fastest men and the fastest women bred to achieve ultimate fighting machines. Once a child was born, they were inspected by an elder, and if deemed too small or deformed, the child would be thrown off the edge of a cliff( At the age of 7, Spartan boys were sent to the agoge, a part boot camp part military academy. The boys recieved education focusing on physical, mental and spiritual toughness and theb training was often intense and exerting. Boys were trained to push through difficult times and often were pitted against other students to see who was tougher. Occasionally, boys were sent out to hunt a lonely helot or any helot deemed a threat. Finish This
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