Spartan Women Research Paper

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Spartan Women were encouraged to become intellectual and strong, they were able to marry and create their families at a much later point in their life, and finally the Spartan women was in way more control of her household, herself, as well as her husband than any other greek women was in history. They were not looked at as second class citizens, their opinions were valued and the woman herself was respected. To put it as simply as possible these ladies were pretty kick ass. Not only were Spartan women beautiful they were also encouraged to broaden their intellectual endeavors. Young girls were given a public education! Even though with that they were not able to use their schooling to branch off and have a career to earn money for themselves;…show more content…
Unless she was a Spartan girl; As part of her education she would have been participating in athletics and was able to exercise outdoors, unclothed, like the Spartan boys. This was unthinkable in Greek society, majority of the time men and women never saw each other until marriage! Not only would men and women not have been naked in public together, but a normal Greek women never would have stepped foot out the door, other than to perhaps collect water from the cistern! Yet Spartan women not only exercised, they also participated in athletics, competing in events like footraces; which was a form of track and field in greek practice. It was crazy to believe that letting women learn and be active was such an unthinkable concept. The spartans looked at things with a different point of view then the rest of Greece, their constant goal was to become stronger. It was seen as a guarantee that the strong and fit Spartan women would reproduce, and when she had babies, those babies would be strong warriors in the making. Spartan women were even allowed to mingle with Spartan men, they were still seen as little more than just baby-makers. Their methods and motives were just slightly different than the rest of the
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