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The book “Spartan Women” by Sarah B. Pomeroy seeks to reconstruct the lives and the world of the Sparta's women; including how their legal status changed over time and how the women held on to their amazing autonomy. Susan B. Pomeroy generally analyzes ancient texts and to construct the world of most noticed females. Sarah B. Pomeroy is a Classist author in the twenty-first century. Throughout this paper, what will be discussed is: the author credentials, the book’s main aim, the book’s evidence, and the author writing style of the book. Spartan Women would be a powerful credible source to learn the life the Spartan women endured during their time. Susan B. Pomeroy was born on March 13th, 1938 in New York City, New York. Susan B. Pomeroy graduated at Columbia University. Susan B. Pomeroy has accepted awards such as: City University President's Award for Excellence in Scholarship in 1995, Guggenheim Fellow, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation in 1998, and the Emeritus Fellowship, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in 2003. Susan B. Pomeroy is an American Ancient Historian, an author translator, a professor of classics, and an author of over six more published records. Pomeroy taught at the University of Texas in the topic of classics, and served on the board of advisors for women, history, and the…show more content…
Pomeroy explains the life style and ways of Spartan women and the rise to be known and important as the Spartan men. Naturally, we think of Spartan women fierce, brave, queens, and pure. Spartan women took advantage of each opportunity that was heading their way and conquered it with no fear in their hearts. Those women are viewed today as a “force” not to be reckoned with. Pomeroy describes these women as, “Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil said, “Oh no, she’s up!” (Psalm

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