Sparta's Responsible For The Fall Of Ancient Greece

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9th Grade Ancient Greece Persuasive Essay Who was responsible for the fall of Ancient Greece - Sparta or Athens? It has been argued over the years about which city-state, Sparta or Athens was responsible for the fall of Greece. Athens had been the superpower all along the years. Especially after Greece won the Persian War the Athenian Empire was able to attain their full potential and brilliance. Sparta and its allies grew discontented of the great growing power Athens was becoming therefore different conflicts broke out resulting in the Peloponnesian War. Its my position that Sparta was responsible for the fall of Classical Greece. I believe that Sparta was afraid that the great Athenian Empire would conquer over their allies and eventually conquer them. Secondly, according to Thucydides Sparta “secretly felt aggrieved” towards the great Empire the Athenians had built after the Persian War. Thirdly Sparta rejected the cooperation of 4,000 Athenian soldiers that were sent to Sparta to help against the revolt of helots in Sparta.…show more content…
They were fierce, strong, fearless warriors that defended their city state with all their will. Spartans were brought up to be warriors, they started their training from early on in childhood and at the age of 20 they joined the army until they were 60. Spartan warriors that returned from battle were held highly on the social pyramid. It is said that everyone looked up to them, for example when a returning soldier entered a dining pavillion anyone male or women would give up their chair for them. This sense of patriotism lead them to very defensive of their home and
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