Speaker For The Dead Analysis

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The Idea of Community in Speaker for the Dead Speaker for the dead is a science fiction novel that tries to view some concepts in our society that we have hard time defining them or we never thought of defining them. The writer also tries to view these issues from different angles and perspectives that is strange to our conventional minds and costumes. Orson Scott Card in his novel Speaker for the Dead puts forward some issues that we encounter in our modern day. One of the most obvious ideas that he puts under the scope is the concept of community in various versions and forms. He also tries to redefine our relationships with the communities that we belong or not belong to. Furthermore, the plot of the novel is taking place supposedly some 3200 years from now…show more content…
As soon as this planet is discovered by a robot ship and it is confirmed to be habitable for humans, the Starways Congress gives permission to Baia, which is the nearest plant to it, to start colonizing the recently discovered planet. However, the new colony had to be limited by area and population and most importantly the sentient being that we mentioned before ‘”were not to be disturbed” knowing the fact that humans exterminated the only sentient being they encountered 3000 years before, which were the Buggers. It is also important to know that in this novel we have four types of rational beings which are the Homo sapiens, Buggers, Porquinhos and Jane. Card, is trying to define the interaction between these different types of sentient being and also define the relationship between members of the same sentient spices. In my opinion, communities are an inevitable aspect of human life and escaping this reality is absurd, because humans are social being and no matter how much they strive to escape this reality, at some point in their life they will have to be reestablish their connections to their communities in order to fulfil the purposes of life. The
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