Speaking Ability Analysis

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Brown and Yule (2000) state that speaking was to express the needs–request, information, service, etc. The speakers say words to the listener not only to express what in his mind but also to express what he needs. Most people might spend their everyday life in communicating to others. Therefore; communication involves at least two people where both sender and receiver need to communicate to exchange information, ideas, opinions, views, or feelings. The speakers must consider the person they are talking to as listeners. The activity that the person does is based on the particular goal. So, it is important that everything that the speaker wants to say is conveyed in an effective way because speaking is not only producing sounds but also a process…show more content…
The Nature of Speaking Ability Brown (in Islamiyah, 2007, p. 14) states that speaking is a productive skill that can be directly and empirically observed, those observations are invariably collared by the accuracy and fluency. While, he also states that speaking is the product of creative construction of linguistic strings, the speakers make choices of lexicon, structure, and discourse. Poerdarminta (in Islamiyah, 2007, p. 14) states that the classical meaning of speaking is the ability to talk and to speak. The main purpose of speaking is to send the message for the other one or to be able to communicate about something in language and understood by someone who becomes a…show more content…
14) states that speaking is one of the language skills in oral form to express the speakers' ideas to everybody else. While speaking is the informal interchange of thought and information by spoken words.
3. The Meaning of Speaking Ability.
Speaking ability consists of two words are speaking and ability. To avoid misunderstanding about the meaning of speaking ability, it will clarify one by one. According to Poerwadarminta (1985, p. 109). It is also stated by Hornby (1990, p. 51) that ability’s potential capacity of power to do something physically or mentally. That description may conclude that ability is the capability of human which identical with ability. According to Djiwandono (in Munir, 2005, p. 16) speaking is the activity to express thought and feeling oral.
Speaking is an articulation of sound to express thought. Tarigan (1990, p.15), says that speaking is the capability in pronouncing sound or word to express or convey thought, idea or feeling” opinion and wish. Another expert says that speaking is talk or speaks (Haryanto in Sunardi, 2004, p. 13). If both speaking and ability are combined, so it means a capability to utter the articulation of sound to express or to deliver thought, opinion and wish to the other

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